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Huia's Honour

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Huia's Honour
Huia's Honour
Huia's Honour
Huia's Honour

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'Huia's Honour'

Huia have been extinct since the early 1900s. Their extinction is believed to have been caused by loss of habitat due to deforestation and by hunting as their tail feathers were prized by Māori. The group of 12 feathers from a huia’s tail was called a mareko, and was worn by high chiefs going into battle. Huia feathers were kept in a carved wooden box called a waka huia.
The huia was a magpie-sized bird with orange wattles and a white-tipped tail, black plumage with an iridescent green/blue sheen and the females (like this one) had a long curved beak which could be up to 10 centimetres long!

This artwork also features a giant wētā.


Original Artwork (2018)

Medium - Coloured Pencils (Prismacolor & Polychromos) on Hahnemuhle Stella Matt Drawing Paper

Professionally Framed. Black wood frame with a matching matt border. Reflective glass. 

Outer frame measurements are 550 x 435mm

All images are Copyright © Joanne Bowe NZ Artist 

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